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Jeff Peters
Jeff Peters' books on web development and Fusebox are among the best-recognized in the ColdFusion community. He is an occasional contributor to several tech-related magazines.

Jeff can be reached at www.grokfusebox.com

Tweet him @ThatJeffPeters

Jeff's work at HelmsandPeters.com is sponsored by Proton Arts.
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Hal Helms
Hal Helms' training courses are in high demand throughout the ColdFusion and Java communities. He is a regular contributor to the ColdFusion Developers Journal, and has written chapters for several books on ColdFusion application development.

Hal can be reached at www.halhelms.com

His blog is at www.halhelms.com/blog

Hal's work at HelmsandPeters.com
is sponsored by Hal Helms, Inc.
Hal Helms Inc
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Helms and Peters - Out Loud
"Helms and Peters Out Loud" is our weekly visit, in which the conversation may turn any way we like. Generally speaking, we like to explore topics in software and web development, but you never know where we might end up.
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Helms and Peters - Out Loud
Nov 20, 2011 Episode 53
After what seems like an interminable interval, the guys are back on the mics with a few things to say about technical difficulties, corporations, and communications in general. Listen in for some insight into the travails of our intrepid pocasters in the hit-and-miss world of VOIP recording.
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Oct 23, 2011 Episode 52
The Rant
It's ranting time for Jeff, so Hal could use your company just so he doesn't have to listen to it alone. Trends, frameworks, languages, and the Pencil Project are the topics du jour.
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Aug 28, 2011 Episode 51
Luis Majano
The guys embark on a new aspect of the podcast--interviews! Their first guinea pig is Luis Majano, creator, supporter, and documenter extraordinaire of the ColdBox framework for ColdFusion. Is three a crowd? Will too many cooks spoil the soup? There's only one way to find out: stay tuned!
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Aug 21, 2011 Episode 50
Project In A Box
The vaunted idea of "thinking outside the box" is chucked out the window this week, with the guys talking about something Hal calls "Project In A Box". Jeff's not sure it's as sexy as Hal makes it sound, but you can decide for yourself. Oh, yes, and butcher paper.
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#49 Little MonstersDownload
#48 Back in the SaddleDownload
#47 PoliticsDownload
#46 BeautyDownload
#45 Wicked CoolDownload
#44 Tools I UseDownload
#43 Interface RedesignDownload
#42 Hope and FearDownload
#41 We're Back!Download
#40 A Quick AnnouncementDownload
#39 Testing, Testing, TestingDownload
#38 Avoiding Pyrrhic VictoriesDownload
#37 You Can Make RBIs TooDownload
#36 Really Bad InterfacesDownload
#35 DowntimeDownload
#34 The Problem Space Part IIDownload
#33 The Problem Space Part IDownload
#32 ColdFusion Wish ListDownload
#31 PrePostmortemDownload
#30 The Cost of SecurityDownload
#29 CFUnited WrapupDownload
#28 Fusion AuthorityDownload
#27 Ajax Part III Spry and YUIDownload
#26 GroupthinkDownload
#25 Ajax Part IIDownload
#24 Ajax Part IDownload
#23 MotorcyclesDownload
#22 The InterviewDownload
#21 BiddingDownload
#20 Taking The LeapDownload
#19 DocumentationDownload
#18 Very High TechDownload
#17 The Treat of OutsourcingDownload
#16 The TollboothDownload
#15 Listener EmailsDownload
#14 Core and ContentDownload
#13 How Fusebox Hurts CustomersDownload
#12 Duck Typing Part IIDownload
#11 Duck Typing Part IDownload
#10 Book Review: Head First HTMLDownload
#9 A Process for PrototypingDownload
#8 Difficult CustomersDownload
#7 Tools We UseDownload
#6 Unit TestingDownload
#5 Error HandlingDownload
#4 7 Habits of Highly Ineffective DevelopersDownload
#3 Design PatternsDownload
#2 Objects for Maintainable CodeDownload
#1 Framework ShrinkDownload
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We here at Helms and Peters hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving. We'll be back with more Out Loud in December.
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   "Helms and Peters FLiP Out" Tracks -
 Total Time about 2 hours
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1. Introduction (5.80 MB)
2. Wireframing (6.35 MB)
3. Prototype/Front End (16.17 MB)
4. Architecture (8.46 MB)
5. Fusedocs (2.31 MB)
6. Coding (4.47 MB)
7. Testing and Integration (6.33 MB)
8. Other Methodologies (7.85 MB)
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   "Tales from the FLiPt"
 Tracks -
 Total Time about 1 hour
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1. Playing in the Real World (1.01 MB)
2. The Biggest Mistakes (1.24 MB)
3. From Their Perspective (1.77 MB)
4. Lacked the Patience (829.88 KB)
5. Milestones and Checkpoints (1.31 MB)
6. Client or No Client (2.37 MB)
7. FLiP Isn't Going to Work (2.54 MB)
8. 500 Miles Away (2.39 MB)
9. Take the Right Job (2.25 MB)
10. What Kind of Work Do You Do (2.74 MB)
11. Do It To Learn It (3.04 MB)
12. Do Something Of Interest (2.86 MB)
13. Shall Be User Friendly (1.18 MB)
14. Danger - No Milestones (1.25 MB)
15. Break It Down (3.00 MB)
16. An Order of Magnitude Off (1.82 MB)
17. Global Competition (2.17 MB)
18. Not a Programmer Forever (2.70 MB)
19. Hitting .350 (3.26 MB)
20. Great to Be Tiger (2.42 MB)
21. Marvel At the Result (1.20 MB)
22. Take Away Everything Else (922 KB)
23. What Am I Learning (1.88 MB)
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