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“Helms and Peters Out Loud” is our weekly visit, in which the conversation may turn any way we like. Generally speaking, we like to explore topics in software and web development, but you never know where we might end up.




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Oct 29, 2006 Episode 39

Testing, Testing, Testing
Finally, the guys take a turn back toward the technical! This milestone episode digs back into the subject of testing: what, how, and for whom. And thanks to everyone who has tuned in since the beginning.

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Oct 22, 2006 Episode 38

Avoiding Pyrrhic Victories
Pyrrhus of Epirus–king, warrior, and master of dubious victories–is the subject of discussion this week. Bet you didn’t know software explorations dated back to the 4th century B.C…. Join the guys for some war stories and ruminations on avoiding those “victories” you wish you hadn’t won.

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Oct 8, 2006 Episode 37

You Can Make RBIs Too
Although Hal would like nothing better than to be playing ball with Mickey Mantle and the boys, the RBIs in this episode are Really Bad Interfaces. The guys planned on talking about Really Good Interfaces this time, but Hal decided to throw a changeup and talk about how to actually build RBIs. Plus you get a few great vocabulary words thrown in for the ticket. Batter up!

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Sep 26, 2006 Episode 36

Really Bad Interfaces
What do Charlie Chaplin, BMW, Apple, the Schuykill Expressway, and John Denver have in common? Your guess is as good as anybody else’s. Join Hal and Jeff for a look at some really bad interfaces, and get ready to avoid them in your own projects.

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